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Account Manager
North Warwickshire

Business Development Manager, Events & Exhibitions
Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Conference Sales Co-ordinator
Central, London

Sales Executive / Manager
Manchester Square, London

Sales Academy

Production Controller

Emily Gibson, senior account manager at Projection Artworks, on...

From ballet, scotch eggs to working with the Top Gear gang, Chris...

Are we a sales or marketing led industry? Members of the EN30/30 give...

David Epstein, content marketing manager at event management platform...

The registration process for your event is critically important, EN...

AMR International helps clients build business strategies for...

Exhibition News November 2015
November 2015

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Guest expert's blog

  Guest bloggers from the world of exhibitions
Latest Entries

6 August, 2015

Grant Leboff, chief executive of Sticky Marketing, talks generating content, attention deficit and the need for simplicity in marketing

9 December, 2014

Ensuring your website offers visitors an engaging experience is one thing, but ignoring the need for it to meet minimum legal requirements is quite anot...

21 November, 2014

Event Safety HelpDesk’s Lee Holloway examines the arguments.


12 November, 2014

Exhibition organisers take on significant financial commitments when staging an event. Michael Price, contingency underwriter at Beazley, gives his tips...

 Guest expert: Parting Words
   12 November, 2014

 Guest expert: Eco-warriors or eco-wannabes?
   15 October, 2014

 Guest expert: Seven Years And Still Growing
   1 October, 2014

 Guest expert: NEC
   18 September, 2014

 Guest expert: Stand and deliver?
   11 August, 2014

 Guest expert: Brainstorming
   11 August, 2014

 Guest expert: Brainstorming
   16 July, 2014

 Guest expert: How can agencies truly retain clients?
   14 July, 2014

 Guest expert: To pitch or not to pitch?
   8 July, 2014

 Guest expert: Is there room for virtual in the events industry?
   20 June, 2014

 Guest expert: There’s more to event technology than social media
   20 June, 2014

 Guest expert: Young talent
   11 June, 2014

 Guest expert: Silver Spenders
   28 May, 2014

 Guest expert: Social Networks
   27 May, 2014

 Guest expert: Exhibition design developments
   21 May, 2014

 Guest expert: The art of engagement
   19 May, 2014

 Guest expert: Confex-tionary
   9 April, 2014

 Guest expert: Brainstorming
   31 March, 2014

 Guest expert: The ripple effect
   10 March, 2014

 Guest expert: Social networks
   10 March, 2014

 Guest expert: Dealmakers
   17 February, 2014

 Guest expert: Who owns your registration data?
   10 February, 2014

 Guest expert: Quality catering to your audience
   31 January, 2014

 Guest expert: Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility
   29 January, 2014

 Guest expert: Renewed optimism
   22 January, 2014

 Guest expert: Tech trends
   13 January, 2014

 Guest expert: Insight leads to discovery
   8 January, 2014

 Guest expert: Virtual visitors at face-to-face exhibitions
   23 December, 2013

 Guest expert: Best wishes
   18 December, 2013

 Guest expert: The show must go on
   18 December, 2013

 Guest expert: Common goals
   4 December, 2013

 Guest expert: Venues need to invest to impress
   27 November, 2013

 Guest expert: Tapping trends
   20 November, 2013

 Guest expert: The special relationship
   13 November, 2013

 Guest expert: Shared data
   6 November, 2013

 Guest expert: Functional vs Experiential
   23 October, 2013

 Guest expert: Venues: what's on offer?
   16 October, 2013

 Guest expert: Zero hours contracts
   2 October, 2013

 Guest expert: Equality in the industry
   18 September, 2013

 Guest expert: Collaboration not conflict
   11 September, 2013

 Guest expert: Event apps
   28 August, 2013

 Guest expert: Going above and beyond
   21 August, 2013

 Guest expert: If it's broke, be sure to fix it
   7 August, 2013

 Guest expert: Lazy exhibitors
   31 July, 2013

 Guest expert: The great event technology debate
   24 July, 2013

 Guest expert: Time to get real on social media
   10 July, 2013

 Guest expert: A year of growth
   26 June, 2013

 Guest expert: The power of membership
   12 June, 2013

 Guest expert: The value of a new relationship with the Business Visits and Events Partnership
   29 May, 2013

 Guest expert: Frankfurters in Frankfurt?
   22 May, 2013

 Guest expert: Innovate or die
   15 May, 2013

 Guest expert: Operations tips: Excessive waste line
   15 May, 2013

 Guest expert: 7 ways to build a great business website
   7 May, 2013

 Guest expert: Business clinic: Bridging the gap in sustainability
   24 April, 2013

 Guest expert: Top Key Digital trends for 2013
   8 April, 2013

 Guest expert: Industry view: having your say
   3 April, 2013

 Guest expert: 5 need to know: Exhibition marketing essentials
   27 March, 2013

 Guest expert: Operations tips: Working with your exhibitors
   13 March, 2013

 Guest expert: Louise Robertson's top tips for successful sponsorship growth
   4 March, 2013

 Guest expert: Industry view: adopting the eguide
   25 February, 2013

 Guest expert: Business clinic: Measurement
   20 February, 2013

 Guest expert: Benchmarking communications
   24 January, 2013

 Guest expert: RFID or NFC?
   24 January, 2013

 Guest expert: Pinning your brand
   4 December, 2012

 Guest expert: What recession?
   7 November, 2012

 Guest expert: Top operations tips: Working with your contractors
   30 October, 2012

 Guest expert: ESSA: marketing together
   10 October, 2012

 Guest expert: Attendee value
   3 October, 2012

 Guest expert: Marketing tips: Top 5 emerging technologies
   26 September, 2012

 Guest expert: The hybrid event debate
   14 September, 2012

 Guest expert: Top tips: How to make your event space engaging
   15 August, 2012

 Guest expert: Dealing with no-shows
   8 August, 2012

 Guest expert: Phoning into the exhibition experience of the future
   25 July, 2012

 Guest expert: Keeping green: uniting to achieve sustainability
   11 July, 2012

 Guest expert: Making events sustainable
   20 June, 2012

 Guest expert: The value challenge: exhibitor marketing budgets
   20 June, 2012

 Guest expert: A time for change
   13 June, 2012

 Guest expert: Marketing tips: How to market your event internationally
   30 May, 2012

 Guest expert: Discounting stand pricing
   23 May, 2012

 Guest expert: Helping to connect partners overseas
   9 May, 2012

 Guest expert: Operations tips: Top tips for working with your sales team
   2 May, 2012

 Guest expert: Events and digital media
   1 May, 2012

 Guest expert: Marketing tips: Learning from the major brands
   18 April, 2012

 Guest expert: Agenda setting: AEO CEO Karim Halwagi
   4 April, 2012

 Guest expert: Staying on top of the big issues
   21 March, 2012

 Guest expert: Getting rid of the Wi-Fi noise
   14 March, 2012

 Guest expert: Marketing tips - Top 5 benefits of direct mail
   8 March, 2012

 Guest expert: Time for a digital transformation
   8 March, 2012

 Guest expert: How to do the right things
   29 February, 2012

 Guest expert: Shows shouldn't be half-measured
   22 February, 2012

 Guest expert: Experiential shows its event appeal
   15 February, 2012

 Guest expert: Wanting to attend exhibitions
   1 February, 2012

 Guest expert: QR Codes: 5 things you should really know
   25 January, 2012

 Guest expert: Digital Predictions for 2012
   11 January, 2012

 Guest expert: Making the most of free video content
   4 January, 2012

 Guest expert: Refusing to stand still
   21 December, 2011

 Guest expert: Deliver ROI or face the tumbleweed moment
   30 November, 2011

 Guest expert: Five ways to get great event feedback.
   23 November, 2011

 Guest expert: Data protection: Awareness is key
   15 November, 2011

 Guest expert: London 2012's Health and Safety legacy: Burden or Benefit?
   25 October, 2011

 Guest expert: Email marketing: Mike Spicer's tips for success
   17 October, 2011

 Guest expert: Tube Cuts will affect our industry
   20 September, 2011

 Guest expert: Could the high-street riots destroy our events industry?
   13 September, 2011

 Guest expert: Flying the flag for Harrogate
   6 September, 2011

 Guest expert: What is the value of event management qualifications?
   30 August, 2011

 Guest expert: Why can't we just get along?
   16 August, 2011

 Guest expert: Setting the standard
   12 July, 2011

 Guest expert: Your very good health?
   24 May, 2011

 Guest expert: How do we attract young people to our ageing industry?
   10 May, 2011

 Guest expert: The sustainability top ten for events
   12 April, 2011

 Guest expert: Ten things speakers dislike about event organisers
   29 March, 2011

 Guest expert: Confex unpluggged: A Kiwi sponsor's view
   23 March, 2011

 Guest expert: Making sense of sustainability
   16 March, 2011

 Guest expert: Getting Personal - Targeted marketing for events
   9 March, 2011

 Guest expert: Recognising the importance of design
   23 February, 2011

 Guest expert: Keeping safe, keeping secure
   16 February, 2011

 Guest expert: Allowing new entrants into the exhibition market
   2 February, 2011