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From superhero movies to comic conventions, it’s a geek's world and...

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Exhibition News August 2015
August 2015

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The Royal Highland Centre took a pounding in 2012 from the unpredictable British weather, we caught up with the centre following its £500,000 contingency plan

A contingency plan is always key when hosting a successful show, let alone when you’re organising an event.

Joe Manby Limited celebrates 40 years this month. Scott Birch visits the family firm in Harrogate to see how their personal touch still stands out in a very different landscape.

Sometimes, cultural references provide the best guide to our past, allowing us to place a number into personal context. Forty years ago, in 1974, Rubik released his infuriating and ingenious Cube, Volkswagon rolled out the first Golf and Ronald McDonald brought his burgers to Britain. Tiger Feet by Mud was the year’s top-selling single, and The Towering Inferno led the disaster movie charts.

The International Festival of Business is set to be a huge event across Liverpool and the North West region. EN catches up with the festival’s commercial director James Gower.

Back in January 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron launched The International Festival of Business (IFB). An event on the scale of the Millennium Fair in 2000 or the Festival of Britain in 1951 was anticipated for the North West region, featuring an estimated 30 events. Now with the festival days away, more than 150 events are set to take over 50 days this summer.

EN profiles five sporting venues which have exhibition space alongside their stadium experiences


Exhibition News Pioneer Award winner and industry guru Phil Soar crunches some stats

It is an age we live in now where Google AdWord analysis means that every single statistic about every promotional campaign is quoted to the nth degree. Every media form generates more and more numbers about what it can achieve, how it can offer proof of its efficacy, and what you get for your money.

The Business Design Centre is approaching its 30th anniversary. We look at the venue’s place in the UK market following its win at the Exhibition News Awards in April.

For those used to walking around the Grade II-listed halls of the Business Design Centre (BDC) in Islington, it may come as a surprise to learn that lions, crocodiles and even bullfights used to grace this venue.

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