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Exhibition News April 2014
April 2014

As tempting as it is to drop stand prices in a downturn, you could run the risk of hurting your show’s reputation. Domenic Donatantonio asks several organisers for their tips.

Setting out into the marketplace to attract clients to a new show can be an intimidating task.

UBM's Mark Snell now spends nearly half his time on international business. He talks to EN about adapting to new markets, technology and the ongoing importance of exhibitions.

Note: Since this interview was done with Exhibition News, Mark Snell has become appointed to the helm of UBM’s US Canon Events business. He is now based in Los Angeles.

It might be tempting to launch a new edition of your successful show in a new market but there are significant risks involved. EN asks how you know when the time is right.

Whether riding on the success of a large show or striving to increase the footprint of a smaller niche expo, you may be tempted to launch versions of your brand in different UK markets. But how do you identify where to go next and what pitfalls must you be aware of?

In what way can social media help to market an exhibition, grow visitor numbers or hinder a show’s development?

Christophe Asselin, Event director Ad:Tech, DMG Events

In this special research report, EN investigates the perception of the UK’s shell and electrics contractors in light of increased consolidation, margin squeeze and changing organiser attitudes.

Exhibition organisers do still have a choice of shell and electrics contractors today, but organisers are in no doubt of the shrinking pool of options.

QR codes are taking the marketing world by storm and invading the exhibition show floor. Nadia Cameron investigates how organisers and contractors are embracing this smartphone tool.

Are we a nation addicted to our mobile phones? UK telecoms regulator Ofcom certainly believes so. In the recent Communication Market Report, the authority found 60 per cent of teenagers and 37 per cent of adults say they are “highly addicted” to their devices, with 81 per cent leaving them on at all times.

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