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Technology has changed the future of the events industry, so staying...

Cranmore Park is setting its sights high to become a national brand....

As the event technology industry is rapidly transitioning to mobile,...

Exhibition News March 2015
March 2015

We profile the approaches taken by five major venues in providing data connectivity as 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi demands from organisers, exhibitors and visitors continues to increase.

Business Design Centre

The BVEP has an agenda to raise the profile and importance of the business events industry within government, but how big a role should it play and what level of support does it offer? EN reports.

During the Exhibition News Race Day at Silverstone last November, panellists raised the need for the industry to increase its influence over government and promote its importance as an economically significant sector. While audience members were quick to agree, knowledge of one of the primary groups leading this charge, the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), was scarce.

As shows innovate their content and focus, so do organisers also need to help exhibitors improve their presence at events. EN asks: How can we help our exhibitors get a better rate of return from the showfloor?

Sam Warnock

Are venues and organisers truly working in partnership today? EN’s first Race Day at Silverstone endeavoured to find out.

There’s no doubt venues and organisers face different commercial pressures and have distinct focuses. To debate relations between the two sides, Exhibition News compiled a special panel at our first Silverstone Race Day on 2 November with three organisers and three venues to discuss a key question: Are venues a partner or just a landlord?

Selling an exhibition isn’t just about slotting in stands on a floorplan. Nadia Cameron looks at why organisers are getting increasingly savvy with sponsorship.

In a recent interview with AsiaOne, an Emirates airline executive was asked why the company threw so much money at sponsoring events. The brand has been involved in sponsoring sporting events since 1987, just two years after being established, and had just become title sponsor of the Australian Open golf tournament. 

In the final part of this series, Mayfield Media’s Steve Monnington looks at how to integrate and expand a brand that has been acquired for its potential for replication.

Replication, geocloning, geo-adapting or simply launching your brand in another country: Whatever you want to call it, if your exhibition has a tight-knit community of global exhibitors wanting to develop in new geographical markets, you should be looking at expanding your portfolio internationally.

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