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Exhibition News September 2014
September 2014

EN casts a brief eye over the career to date of Roger Shashoua, the recipient of the first ever Exhibition News Pioneer Award at this year’s awards ceremony at Olympia.

Few entrepreneurs can claim to have beaten a path for the international exhibition industry in quite the same way as Roger Shashoua. The UK-based co-founder of four companies, including ITE Group, ICE Group and Expomedia, was launching events in China and Russia at times when others considered themselves explorative if they launched at the NEC rather than Earls Court.

As part of EN’s ongoing efforts to recognise pioneering spirit across the industry and the changing nature of events, we look at five inspiring organisers finding success by doing things differently.

A flair for education

Silverstone took the wrappers off its £27m wing last year as part of aggressive plans to transform the motoring venue into a multipurpose events destination. EN takes a look under the hood.

Exhibition venues can cater to many needs, but one whim they can’t control is their ‘cool’ factor. While facilities and location certainly contribute to a venue’s prestige, arguably it’s the content and features within these functional spaces that give them their visitor appeal. 

David Moran is not one for making detailed plans but he definitely has an eye for an opportunity. EN caught up with Ocean’s returning chief to ask him what it will take to restore the group to its former glory.

Ocean Media Group’s new owner and chief David Moran is confident he can turn the exhibition and publishing group’s fortunes around after buying the business back from AAC Capital Partners in a private equity deal.

With economists mooting a second recession this year, UFI’s 8th Global Exhibition Barometer survey indicates the UK and Europe are looking at emigration and non-core activities to grow their portfolios.

In June 2011, global exhibition organiser association UFI asked its membership when they expected the end of the current economic crisis. Optimistically perhaps, 63 per cent suggested 2012, with 15 per cent claiming 2013 and nine per cent opting for 2014.

Nadia Cameron takes a look at the perception of virtual events today and how several organisers are striving to make this new events platform work for their businesses.

According to that wealth of subjective encyclopaedic knowledge, Wikipedia, the term ‘virtual trade show’ was first aired publicly in 1993 during a presentation by Visual Data Corporation’s Alan Saperstein and Randy Selman on their ‘ConventionView’ offering in New York. The product was based on recorded videos of trade show booths attached to HTML-based floor maps.

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