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Exhibition News April 2014
April 2014

Agricultural societies are investing in their event infrastructure and eyeing the weekday business market. Mike Trudeau looks at why.

The UK exhibition market is fleshing itself out. As we see the launches of increasingly vertical and niche shows, and the proliferation of a philosophy of orbital shows and 365-days-a-year engagement with exhibitors, perhaps it’s of no surprise that regional venues are perking their ears up and beginning to invest in infrastructure to lasso themselves into expo business.

Emap's Malcolm Gough has chalked up a long and diverse career at the event and publishing company. In advance of his promotion to deputy CEO of Emap, the former Emap Connect chief talked to EN about the changing face of exhibition customers and the reasons behind the organiser's latest international business push.

How did you get into exhibitions?

This month, EN raises a question with global consequences: What constitutes an international show?


Finding the right ticket price is not a magical art; it’s based on industry knowledge and market research. Here, EN looks at the reasons for ticket charges and determining the right price.

One of the big differences between trade and consumer shows is where each gets its funding from.

Sheffield International Venues is eyeballing exhibitions as a growing business opportunity. Mike Trudeau looks at what the city of steel has to offer organisers.

Sheffield is a city that once rang with the sound of hammers and sat under the hot smoke of industry. Those days have gone but the city’s size and central location make it a fertile ground for small and medium businesses. Although it lacks a mega-venue like The NEC or Excel London, Sheffield is a regional hub with a generous helping of smaller but reasonably-sized unique venues with cultural and sporting heritage.

Wi-Fi at exhibitions is a major bugbear but steps to find a solution are elusive. Nadia Cameron investigates why free Wi-Fi services at the local Starbucks just won’t cut it on the show floor.

Digital communication methods are influencing our interaction in all sorts of ways, so it’s not surprising to hear a new working group on Wi-Fi connectivity at exhibitions stemmed from a LinkedIn discussion.

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