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Exhibition News April 2015
April 2015

John Robson, MD at Aztec Event Services tells EN about growing their client base and the formation of Aztec Live.

Having both organisers and attendees in mind when looking at new equipment or designing new solutions is of utmost importance, it’s all about improving the experiences of both.

Andy Center opens the doors of his multi-award winning company and shares with EN the secret to CloserStill’s on-going success.

For many who grew up or worked in the late seventies and eighties, it was a bleak time. The front pages of newspapers were filled with stories about unemployment, protest, industrial action and the miners’ strike, while many of the British public young and old, were becoming increasingly discontent with their lot.

Chris Pile, head of digital at the NEC Group on the subject of automation.

We’ve previously used this column to talk about engagement in a B2B environment, and in particular, how you get an audience to attend your event when there are so many other organisers vying for your attention.

Thorns MD Graham Langley-Jones reveals how business has changed in his 20 years at the helm.

For many who go to exhibitions and events, not much thought is probably put into where your chair you’re sitting on is from, nor who supplied it. One man who has been in charge of making sure the industry is sitting comfortably by supplying the right furniture at the right time is Thorns’ Graham Langley-Jones.

Sophie Lilly, account director at the NEC on choosing the right venue contract.

Every organiser we work with has an agenda that’s directly linked to the success of their event.

Ian Taylor, NEC venue sales director offers some essential insight to help you run your business better.

It’s a term we frequently hear from TV presenter Phil Spencer, but “Location, Location, Location” is equally true for organisers in driving the attendance and commitment of exhibitors and visitors to events.

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