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With an exhibition and events industry worth nearly £2bn a year, EN...

Events are increasingly using experiential aids to spice up seminar...

EN shines the spotlight on Kruger Cowne CEO Mark Cowne, the man...

Andrew Manby, director of the event solutions specialists talks to EN...

As Media 10 gears up for the launch of new hybrid event, UK...

Furniture is increasingly becoming an integral part of events, EN...

Exhibition News October 2015
October 2015

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Many organisers have dipped their toes in Africa’s water, the majority taking them back again until the conditions improve. We speak to Montgomery on the key to their success.

A continent currently afflicted by civil war, disease outbreak, terrorism and good old-fashioned piracy, the business of exhibitions in some parts of Africa requires a great deal more than contacts and square metres.

Darren Poultney, managing director of Smart AV, talks to EN about the launch of IPG and growing his company organically without losing quality.

In an industry where presentation is everything, companies are constantly looking to the latest cutting-edge technology to meet clients’ demands.

Jamie Vaughan managing director EMEA of Eventbase tells EN how a matchmaking algorithm can benefit attendees at your event.

Before I start, I need to quickly declare I am not proposing some sort of technology that enables you to hook up romantically with other event attendees, although the concept has a certain appeal. However, the very principles of matchmaking are a sound, proven and widely used practice dating back to year dot.

The Halo Group’s Alistair Watson tells EN about the creative agency’s plans to add colour and fresh design to the exhibition industry.

For the creative minds powering the UK’s festival circuit, the end of summer can bring a hibernation of sorts.

Chris Clipston, technical director at Circdata, shares with EN some pre-registration tricks of the trade and underlines the importance of a mobile-first approach.

Event registration is an increasingly complex business. Clean data, responsive forms, social media marketing, registration abandonment and many other factors, are all key considerations when planning a successful registration strategy.

Global in size, Agility’s regional director for Fairs and Events Europe, David Richards, says it’s still down to the people that make things happen.

Giving up on something doesn’t necessarily have to mean failure. In David Richards’ case, giving up on wanting to work in banking while at school, led to his current role at Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics.

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