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Richard Mann, market development director at the NEC asks who owns...

EN’s Annie Byrne meets River Street Events’ MD Laura Biggs who...

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Exhibition News March 2015
March 2015

Mark Shashoua, the CEO of i2i invites EN into the company’s state of the art office to get an inside track on the culture and vision of the upwardly mobile event organiser.

Situated in the modern surroundings of a high-end business development around the back of Paddington train station, i2i’s office is somewhat hard to find.

Stephane Doutriaux founder of event tech company Poken tells EN how the firm is built on collecting people and documents with a touch.

When walking out of an event, you’ve often got your pockets full of lanyards, the odd free pen, and more importantly, business cards galore.

EN editor Jamie Wallis takes the trip up to Shropshire to have lunch with the executive team and a behind the scenes tour around the family run, state-of-the-art exhibition venue.

Gentlemen, for EN readers who do not know TIC’s history, can you tell us how the new town of Telford, came to having its own exhibition centre?

Event manager Chris Brazier needs no wake-up call ahead of the 2015 EN awards.

Last April on the night of the Exhibition News awards, Chris Brazier was enjoying a romantic holiday in the Maldives with his girlfriend when, at 3am, his mobile phone started ringing.

Clemi Hardie, Noodle Live MD educates us on the difference between open, hybrid and closed social networks.

Social media enables the flow of information to many people and in many instances that’s wonderful - but for some events and in some industries it can be too public.

A dominant force in the food and hospitality events sector, Fresh Montgomery talks to EN about the organiser’s taste for success.

On the grounds where French nobility once fled the 18th century French revolution, now stands exhibition organiser Fresh Montgomery’s London offices in Manchester Square.

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