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With Mash Media set to open a new event next year, EN catches up with...

Hugo Spalding, MD of data capture software firm, MSP Ltd, on the...

Industry legend Mike Rusbridge retires from Reed Exhibitions in...

As part of the launch of DB Systems’s new RfiD solution,...

At the height of the summer and art season, Masterpiece London...

Two families across five generations - 120 years of Montgomery...

Exhibition News September 2015
September 2015

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ASP trio Jon Benjamin, Arran Coole & Jon Small talk tech innovation, company growth and…yoga.

Chaps, first and foremost, congratulations on ASP being voted first in the Technology 2014 EN Elite List.

Phil Simpson, R&D director and joint owner of D2i Systems shares the real story behind technology in events.

There has been a lot of noise made about RFiD (radio-frequency identification) over the last five years. The technology itself poses a number of challenges that do not gel well with the temporary nature of an event.

Global event registration company Circdata looks to new technology to improve the event experience for its customers. EN talks to MD James Ormiston about the importance of data and the evolution of lead capture.

How did Circdata get involved in events?

Technology has changed the future of the events industry, so staying ahead of the game is crucial. EN hears from three event profs who are at the forefront of the technological revolution.

James Morgan, principal consultant at James Morgan Associates and co-founder of Event Tech Lab

Cranmore Park is setting its sights high to become a national brand. EN talks to commercial director David Standing on the venue's ambitious plans.

What surprises most people about Cranmore Park is the tardis-like feel, says David Standing, commercial director. Not because the venue resembles a police box but because of the space, the amount of light and number of rooms that the veune has to offer.

As the event technology industry is rapidly transitioning to mobile, Eventbase has positioned itself to capitalise on this trend, MD Jamie Vaughan tells us how.

If 2014 was the year the industry opened its eyes to event technology, then expect 2015 to see wearable technology get a whole lot smarter, says Jamie Vaughan, MD of Eventbase.

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